Lane Ogden, PhD

Dr. Ogden Services

Primarily, Dr. Ogden practices psychotherapy.  

He treats adults who are experiencing a wide variety of difficulties common to everyday life including but not limited to such things as:

  • depression
  • anxiety and excessive worry
  • persistent relationship conflicts
  • personality problems
  • behavioral issues related to medical or medication problems
  • self-esteem or lack of confidence
  • anger or emotional out bursts
  • chronic illness
  • grief/loss
  • adjustment to life changes
  • living with severe mental illness
  • experience of trauma
  • recovering from the consequences of divorce
  • career crisis or persistent job related difficulties

He has focused his practice in order to develop specific competence in the assessment and treatment of problems common to adult individuals.  This means two things for you; first, while he occasionally asks patients to bring in a spouse or family member to sessions, he does not currently do marital or family therapy as the main focus of treatment. Second, it means that all his efforts are directed toward maintaining state of the art competence in dealing with issues pertinent to individual adults.

Dr. Ogden also does some psychological assessment related to the accurate diagnosis of psychopathology or to the appropriateness of candidates for certain procedures such as bariatric surgery.  He does not do forensic assessment or disability assessment at this time.

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