Lane Ogden, PhD

Philosophy & Approach 

Dr. Ogden primarily works with patients on their current day problems and conflicts rather than spending a great deal of time on past events.
He operates largely from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) position which tends to focus on the dysfunctional thinking and behaving patterns that express themselves as the symptoms for which people seek treatment.  He seeks to aid patients in identifying and changing distorted or stress generating beliefs and thought habits that cause current day distress.

Dr. Ogden facilitates a collaborative rather than authoritative type of relationship with  his patients.  
He makes the assumption that there are things he knows that patients may not and that patients, being potential experts in the inner workings of their thought life, know some things that he does not. A combination of the two people in a working relationship where change and symptom relief are the common goal leads to treatment success.

Dr. Ogden is often described as easy to talk to and “comfortable” due to his positive, change oriented, non-judgmental personal style.  
This style allows for a lowering of the need to be defensive in order to protect one’s self so to a clearer examination of what’s really been going on that produces distress—and lends itself readily to the development of the comfort and hope that lead to functional strategies for change.  He is objective, rational, “gets it”, and his hopeful determination communicates itself.

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